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AmericanSingles has been a little quiet lately so I wanted to check it out and see what they have to offer the online dating community. As their title would suggest, they are pretty much just an American dating website. They have personal ads from other countries, but not of any real significance. AmericanSingles has done some TV advertisements but I haven’t seen any too recently. They are not advertised as a 100% free dating site. They do however allow you to make a free profile. So I made one.

From their homepage, you just select “make a free profile” and follow the easy steps. You choose your own user name and password which I like much better than being given one from the dating site. The first page in the sign up process goes a little bit deeper in their questioning than other sites such as JustSayHi , or HookUp . They ask you your first and last name, which I’m sure doesn’t have to be correct. You enter your personal description at this point. Usually you don’t fill that in until you get a little further, but it really doesn’t matter.

After the first page of your personal ad, you are asked to complete your profile further, all though you do not have to. American Singles displayed over 10,000 other members online at this point, which is at about 5 pm on a Saturday. That’s a pretty large number. There are about 4 pages of information to fully complete your profile. The pages are,

* Personal Info

* Basic

* More About You

* Interests

* Photos

One cool feature of this site is that they find matches for you and make it very easy to accept or reject their suggestions. When browsing other members personal ads, you can select, Yes, No, or Maybe. Once you have decided that you would like to contact a member you have several choices as well. One option that is unique to AmericanSingles is sending an “e-card.” You can send cheesy pickup lines, birthday cards, friendship or flirting cards. I personally like that feature. You can also add them to your “hotlist.” That’s as far as it goes for a free member. You CANNOT send messages to other users without becoming a premium member. Here is a little bit of info on their 3 premium membership options.

1. $13.34/month for 6 months which is billed all at once for $79.99. You can continue at the initial monthly rate after your first 6 months.

2. $19.99/month for 3 months which is billed all at once for $59.97. You can continue your monthly rate of $19.99 after your first 3 months.

3. $29.99/month for 1 month. This is the most expensive option when looking at it month by month, but you are only committed to a 1 month membership.

Some of the features of having a premium membership are….

* Send and receive Email

* Instant Messaging access

* Video Chat

* Full Message Board access

* Create customizable E-cards

* AstroScope compatibility

So as far as a paying membership, I would have to say that when directly compared to other online dating sites, their rates are very reasonable. Especially when you sign up for several months up front at the beginning. If you wanted to only commit to one month and then decided you like the site and are willing to pay for 3 months at once, I would recommend creating a new profile and singing up for one of the cheaper monthly plans.

I always like to take a look at Alexa rankings for the dating sites that are being reviewed. Then looking at American Singles traffic rankings on Alexa I noticed that they have been dropping over the last 3 months. Their overall ranking for the last 3 months has fallen by over 2,000. However, their clicks have gone up which makes it look like their members have been more active and hopefully meeting more people on their site. Their rankings are as follows.

* Global: 9.765

* US : 2,909

* Philippines: 2,971

The majority of American Singles traffic comes from the US. Approximately 63.7%. The second most significant country where their traffic is derived from Canada and only accounts for about 5%. The rest is spread across other countries.


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